About Us

An Introduction to Role Plays for Training

We’re Role Plays for Training (or RPfT for short). We are one of the UK’s leading drama based training companies, having been established in 1988. We have over 28 years of experience behind us, but because we are still a relatively small company, we have all the personality, flexibilities and freedoms of a start-up; something we love and want to hold on to.

With us you get to work with us. You won’t be passed from pillar to post and we’ll work with you, as well as for you, striving towards creating training that is targeted, stimulating and often downright dramatic. We do this because we believe life is too short to be spent watching a PowerPoint presentation. Our clients deserve an approach that gets to the nub of the problem, talks openly about it and provides practical, real life solutions that enable personal and professional growth for the participant.

Whilst we are still a small organisation at heart, we have a wide reach. We can (and do) work globally, across all industry sectors and have a team of around 250 role players. We pride ourselves on providing a unique service that is tailored to your training needs and we work with you to carefully match your requirements and pick the right people for your job.

If you need us to help design the training as well as deliver it, that’s our specialism and we’d be delighted to assist you. We always seek to add value and produce exciting, memorable training that creates real opportunities for behavioural change. Is that possible? Of course, because what we do is uniquely different from other training methods. All the learning comes from the human interaction, the taking part, not the talking about it. Learn by doing, that’s how we see it.

RPfT is now owned and run by Adrian Mcloughlin, Fergus Mclarnon and Katerina Stearman. Click here for more on our company history.