Our People

Our team of role players reflect the vibrant diversity of the UK today. They are from varied backgrounds and ethnicities, they speak different lanuages and follow different religions. They are Mothers, Fathers, TV stars and Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors and Students. Because of this they can play any character, from shop floor to boardroom level, depending on the requirement. They are also based all over the UK, and can work locally to the client where appropriate.

Whilst we are a small organisation, we have a wide reach. We work globally and over the last two years we have built an international group of role players who can cover different areas of the world. We have provided actors in the last year alone in; Australia, multiple locations in the USA, Singapore, Angola, Luanda, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Oman, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Finland.

Our actors don’t just do role play. They facilitate, negotiate, listen, respond, suggest, react, engage, inspire, elicit, lead, observe, analyse, imagine, understand & challenge.

Our team of role players have:

  • excellent improvisation and acting ability
  • extensive experience of role play and forum theatre
  • an ability to quickly absorb and learn complex brief
  • a friendly, reliable and professional attitude
  • honed feedback skills
  • sound knowledge of the world of business

Many of our team can role play in other languages, get in touch to find out more.