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Delivering Difficult Feedback (Podcast excerpt) – In this podcast, Managing Partner, Fergus Mclarnon, discusses Performance Management, particularly as it relates to difficult conversations or delivering difficult feedback.. see more.

World Theatre Day 2021 – One of RPfT’s Managing Partners, Adrian McLoughlin, shares his thoughts on World Theatre Day 2021.. see more.

International Storytelling Week – Unpicking the complex role storytelling takes in motivating and connecting human beings…see more.

Changing Mindsets – Changing mindsets is at the heart of nearly every training session RPfT delivers… see more.

Role Play, Skills Practice  – And their use in Drama Based Training – Role Play, also referred to as Skills Practice, is one of the key techniques employed in drama-based training … see more.

Talking about miscarriage – The importance of clear, empathetic communication.  Managing Partner, Katerina Kerr’s response to Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020… see more.

Difficult conversations during the pandemic – Covid-19 has impacted life in all our communities. Within weeks of lockdown we were working with Newham University Hospital to create a vital training module to support medical staff… see more.

The true cost of Motherhood? – RPfT Managing Partner Katerina Kerr discusses ‘What works for women’s careers?’ – a talk presented by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London… see more.

Self-Awareness – Fergus Mclarnon  explores how self awareness in the workplace has taken on an even greater level of importance. Very few people are so self-aware that they know exactly how they are perceived by others… see more

Around the World with 8 Actors – No. 1 – Delhi, India. One of our actors, Holly Atkins, was sent to Delhi for a whirlwind 48 hours. She and her colleagues delivered a scripted performance to engage the delegates with the concept of drama-based training and share different styles of negotiating and influencing… see more.