Role Play

Role play is now firmly established as one of the most effective forms of training. We supply professional role players to Training and HR Managers, Learning and Development Departments, Training Consultants and Assessors.

Our diverse team of role players can play a wide range of characters and create realistic scenarios that reflect your company’s profile. Our role players can learn complex business briefs in advance or improvise to work with delegates’ issues on the training day. They are selected for their ability to offer feedback and are trained in how to deliver a message sensitively and constructively. To do this well, a huge part of their job is to listen and respond and these are skills our role players have developed and honed through plenty of experience.

Feedback is a key component of training and our role players are selected for their ability to offer sensitive and constructive feedback. We can supply one role player for one day or several role players per day for weeks or even months.

What are the benefits of Role Play?

  • Delegates gain practical experience by implementing the theoretical skill set learned on a training course.
  • When working with professional role players, delegates can focus on their own performance and learn from their mistakes in a safe training environment.
  • The skill of our professional role players allows any workplace scenario or personality to be convincingly replicated.

What is Bespoke Role Play?

  • In bespoke role play the participant explains to the role player a challenging work based situation they are faced with. Then the conversation is played out with the role player taking on the behavioural characteristics of the person the interaction relates to. Finally, feedback is given by the role player and the delegate’s colleagues. This type of session can be facilitated by our role players or by a trainer.
  • Best used when delegates want to practice ‘difficult conversations’ from their work life.
  • These can cover a range of situations including; managing people, peer to peer, upward assertion, and client facing conversations.
  • Our role players are skilled at giving unbiased and constructive written or verbal feedback.

How do you approach Role Play for Assessment and Recruitment Centres?

  • Our role players can consistently repeat the same performance to provide a level playing field for assessment and promotion candidates.
  • Our professional role players can start each session with the same character and scenario but respond differently according to each candidate’s performance.
  • Role play offers assessors and recruiters an opportunity to observe at first hand candidates’ real interpersonal and management abilities.