Much of the work we do involves facilitating or co-facilitating training programmes. Our team includes a number of highly experienced facilitators with a wide knowledge of behavioural models, theories and psychometric tools- MBTI, Thomas Kilmann and Transactional Analysis amongst others.

Our Facilitators can deliver training end to end, or present individual sessions that form part of a programme. Often, RPfT are asked to facilitate a specific part of a larger programme – in order to bring to life an issue that has been discussed by the trainer and the group earlier on. Typically, the issue might be examined through a Forum Theatre scenario facilitated by us. The group would  see a situation played out and then then collectively contribute towards turning the situation around – in order to reach a best practice outcome.  Forum Theatre sessions are lively, fun, and engaging.  Learning is embedded quickly because of the interactive and experiential nature of the approach.

What areas of training can we facilitate?

  • Performance Management, Leadership & Giving Feedback
  • Personal Impact and Presentation Skills &  Media Response
  • Equality and Diversity in the workplace
  • Bullying, Harrassment, Victimisation & Whistleblowing
  • Advisory & Consultancy skills
  • Negotiating, Influencing & Inspiring Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Change management
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Coaching skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Managing Grievance