Presentations & Conferences

The immediacy of live performance has a very strong and valuable impact on delegates. This is why we at RPfT believe Conferences are greatly enhanced by the use of a performed script or short drama. Our actors can perform on stage to illustrate a point and stimulate thought, or present a scene on a smaller scale in a training room, as the precursor to a discussion of the issues raised. We have many years experience of this kind of work and we are able to provide writers, directors and actors who can bring challenging situations to life for you in a naturalistic but energised and interactive way.

Our actors understand how to work in different spaces and different environments and are confident in front of the largest of audiences. They have developed the skills to improvise and interact with groups of all kinds; from surgeons to designers, from social workers to bankers.

We can provide props, costume, scenery and even make up, to create drama and increase engagement.

The positive advantages of introducing performers’ energy into a training situation cannot be overestimated.

We can:

  • Work with you and your material to develop scripts and scenarios for improvisation
  • Provide experienced actors to deliver the material
  • Bring in established directors to work with you and with the actors to deliver the performance you want
  • Set up rehearsals and run them either on your premises or in other suitable locations
  • Provide props and scenery as necessary to bring the scenarios to life
  • Facilitate and deliver live performances at venues
  • Facilitate feedback sessions with the director and/or actors