Working Together

Our clients can come to us at all stages of the training process. Most typically, they will be from Learning and Development Departments within organisations or from Training and Management Consultancies who are working for an end client.

At its simplest, an organisation will establish it’s training needs, set up a training programme to meet those needs and see a requirement for actors to role play certain characters within that training. At that stage they will contact us directly, or via a consultancy, with a full brief of what types of actors are required as well as briefs which the actors will use in the role plays.

At its most complex, an organisation will wish to begin establishing the training needs among their staff. They will come to us, perhaps directly, to discuss what their training needs might be and how they could be met using drama-based training methods. We then provide assistance in designing and developing a programme to meet those needs using such methods. We will then assist in the delivery of that programme by providing role players and facilitation support where necessary.

We are happy to engage with clients and potential clients at all stages of this process. We particularly welcome being involved at as early a stage as possible in the design and development of a programme. We have built up a great deal of knowledge and experience in the years since our inception about how drama based training works at its best and how it can most effectively be used to assist with long term learning.

You can call or email us at any stage of your training process to discuss your thoughts and requirements.